Banking Services


Your banking arrangements should fit with your lifestyle, your plans and your ambitions. We can draw on a range of services to create a highly personalised solution, designed to work for you globally. We work closely with business owners, principals and their families to grow, manage and preserve their wealth for the future.

A key element of our service is the interest bearing current account. This combines a wide range of practical features together with the option of multi-currency accounts. Our services include:

  • debit and credit cards
  • domestic and international wire transfers
  • treasury and foreign exchange services
  • a variety of deposits for all major currencies
  • safekeeping services
  • deposit products and short-term investments


We offer deposits in all major currencies and most emerging market currencies. Wherever you are in the world, your deposit account will be safely entrusted with us. We offer a wide range of personalised services tailored to meet the needs of corporates and wealthy individuals.

Fixed term deposit accounts offer the ability to set a rate of interest for a defined period. You decide on the length of time you wish to tie up your funds and then agree an interest rate for the full length of the deposit, with interest paid at the end of the fixed term.

At any time during its term, you know exactly how much interest you are earning on your deposit account and when your capital will be repaid.



We offer a wide range of credit cards in multiple currencies to meet our clients’ personal requirements. We can also provide prepaid cards on the same basis.


Custody Services

We offer the full range of custodian services, including a comprehensive report, showing each investment held, the cost and mid-market prices at the end of each month, where available. The report will also show details of any purchases, sales and corporate actions, and any resultant profit or loss arising from sales

We specialise in establishing a bespoke solution for every case. Protection of assets is assured through our nominee registration facility


Foreign Exchange Services

We provide a comprehensive range of foreign exchange facilities that cover both transactional and hedging needs as well as rebalancing of currency risk across clients’ assets. Instructions can be given over the telephone and transactions can be executed immediately, provided cleared funds are available. Payments can be made from your account in any of the world’s major currencies.



Access to financing is a key part of a private banking relationship and at European Commerce Bank we can offer clients a wide range of credit solutions from traditional products, such as overdrafts,  plain vanilla loans, which can be secured against a wide range of assets and securities-backed lending, through to specialist, tailored financing. This approach brings significant additional flexibility to the management of a private banking and/or investment portfolio.


Guarantees and Letters of Credit

Letters of credit can provide support for all kinds of businesses. They can help to cover your trading risks by protecting against defaults on payments from overseas and guaranteeing your own payments abroad.

Our expertise in structuring standby letters of credit combined with our deep understanding of local markets means that we deliver reliable bank guarantees that give your business the edge.

As each business transaction is unique, we’re happy to work with you, delivering a personal service that tailors our guarantee around your individual needs.

Guarantees and letters of credit support your business by:

  • reating stronger business relationships – giving your customers and suppliers the security of knowing that payments are guaranteed
  • demonstrating your financial credibility and underpinning your ability to meet contractual obligations
  • giving you the reassurance of a secure, globally recognised method of settling overseas trade
  •   allowing you to safely enter new relationships with buyers or suppliers in emerging markets
  • earning extra revenue – for cash-covered bank guarantees, you can earn interest on money you would otherwise have paid to the third party